Welcome to Holistic Cancer Care Coaching, where compassion meets extensive support for individuals impacted by cancer. Our program is crafted to accompany you through every twist and turn of your cancer journey, whether you’re a current patient, survivor, or devoted loved one.

With heartfelt empathy, we guide you through the labyrinth of emotions, decisions, and challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Our approach integrates nurturing emotional therapy, health coaching, and empowering strategies to uplift your spirit and fortify your resilience.

Within our holistic care, we aim to soothe the soul, ease the mind, and strengthen the body, so you can move towards improved well-being. Together, we ensure you emerge from the shadows of cancer with newfound strength and hope.

Navigating Your Journey Through Cancer

Compassionate support with Christina Lefkati

Experience a compassionate and holistic approach tailored to support you through every stage of your cancer journey. Our program is meticulously crafted to empower you to navigate the emotional, physical, and psychological challenges of diagnosis and treatment with unwavering strength and resilience.

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Does this resonate with your experience?

Are you navigating a cancer diagnosis or undergoing treatment? If you’re searching for:

  • Comprehensive support addressing emotional, physical, practical, and empowerment aspects of your cancer journey.
  • Relief from overwhelming fear and uncertainty surrounding your diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • A greater understanding of emotional well-being and resilience amidst cancer challenges.
  • A deeper meaning, connection, and better communication in your cancer experience.

If this resonates with you, Holistic Cancer Coaching is here to provide compassionate guidance and support. Our program is meticulously tailored to address the challenges of accepting a diagnosis, making treatment decisions, and managing the emotional complexities of cancer.

Key Components of Holistic Cancer Coaching

In your journey through cancer, we acknowledge the array of challenges you face. Our Holistic Cancer Coaching Program is customised to meet your individual needs, offering integrated emotional, physical, and psychological support for comprehensive care.

Discover the key components of our program, each designed to aid you in navigating the multifaceted aspects of your cancer experience, guiding you toward healing and wellness.

Our coaching provides a nurturing space for you to express your emotions, fears, and concerns surrounding cancer. With empathy and active listening, we validate your experiences and help you develop healthy coping mechanisms.

The focus here is to create a safe and nurturing environment where you feel heard, understood, and supported as you navigate the emotional complexities of your diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer often brings forth overwhelming feelings of fear and uncertainty about the future, and oftentimes difficulty in accepting the diagnosis.

Through our coaching and therapeutic methods, you’ll be guided to explore, confront and release these emotions, providing relief through practical tools like EFT Tapping. We can help manage uncertainty and focus on what you can control.

We recognise the impact of emotional and mental factors on cancer, including chronic stress, trauma, social isolation, bodily limitations, and body image concerns.

Our support helps you address these factors, promoting overall health, recovery, and quality of life.

While cancer is a physical condition, it can also carry symbolic or metaphorical significance for some people and even involve emotional elements. Our coaching offers a safe space to explore these emotional roots sensitively.

This exploration is deeply personal and should only be pursued if it feels meaningful to you. Our role is to support you in this process, recognising that delving into emotional dimensions can promote holistic healing and well-being, contributing to a more integrative approach to cancer care.

Beliefs and mindset are considered as catalysts to disease. Certain themes have been found to exist in common among cancer patients such as surrounding allowance of emotions, with anger suppression being one of the most common.

If you choose to explore this area, we will be looking at creating a healthier relationship with your emotional world, providing great emotional relief and ease.

Learn valuable coping skills and resilience-building techniques to navigate the stress and anxiety associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Techniques such as mindfulness are integrated to enhance emotional well-being and resilience.

We empower you to actively participate in your cancer care, providing knowledge and tools to advocate for your needs.

Gain the confidence and make informed decisions about your treatment and care.

Effective communication is essential in navigating the complexities of cancer care.

Our coaching focuses on developing communication skills to facilitate productive discussions with healthcare providers, loved ones, and support networks.

Navigating cancer can often be isolating, highlighting the significance of community support.

Our coaching encourages and helps facilitate connections with either online or local cancer support groups, providing a supportive community to share experiences and offer mutual encouragement.

Alleviate common side effects of cancer treatments such as pain, nausea, fatigue and hormonal therapy’s effects.

Techniques like EFT Tapping have been clinically proven to contribute to reducing discomfort, enhancing quality of life, reducing distress, and alleviating depressive symptoms.

Through our Health Coaching anf Lifestyle Medicine expertise, receive guidance on holistic health and wellness strategies, including improving sleep quality, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

Develop greater self-awareness of bodily and personal needs and explore complementary therapies for optimised well-being.

Set meaningful goals and envision a fulfilling life beyond cancer.

Through personalised goal-setting and action planning, create a vision for the future and cultivate a sense of hope and gratitude amidst uncertainty.

Our Holistic Cancer Care Coaching provides personalised support, addressing your unique needs, managing the complexities cancer care, setting a solid ground for recovery and fostering resilience and hope. 

We aim to instill positivity and confidence in those affected by cancer, guiding you through your challenges with strength and resilience.

What's Included:

Private Sessions

The program typically consists of 12 sessions*, conducted over 3-6 months each tailored to address your specific needs and challenges. Each session is approximately 75 minutes long.

Text Support

Send quick messages or updates via text. This option is ideal for urgent matters or brief check-ins between scheduled sessions, providing you with timely assistance and support.

Additional Resources

Receive additional resources like worksheets and educational materials to support your journey. These extras are offered to enhance your coaching experience and offer ongoing support between sessions.

*Can be customised based on your unique needs.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I am Christina

In my journey towards holistic wellness and cancer care coaching, I’ve triumphed over personal adversities, including battles with physical and psychological challenges. These experiences have fueled my passion to create a sanctuary where others can find healing and hope.

My approach integrates emotional management techniques, transformative practices, and holistic modalities like EFT tapping and Health Coaching. With certifications in Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, and Energy Medicine, paired with extensive training in various healing therapies, I’m well-equipped to offer tailored support to meet your unique needs.

My dedication to this work is deeply personal, rooted in experiences like receiving an abnormal cell diagnosis and the loss of loved ones to cancer. These events have shaped my commitment to guiding others through their healing journeys with empathy, understanding, and unwavering support.

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Techniques and Strategies:

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Confidentiality and Privacy:

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Ongoing Support:

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Practical Aspects:

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