The first session in the coaching and therapy process

Welcome to our Initial Consultation service.

In this 75-minute session, you’ll receive personalised support tailored to your unique needs, without any obligation to continue.

Explore deeply how we can best support you and experience firsthand the effectiveness of our methods, helping you determine if they align with your needs moving forward.

Reasons for Seeking Consultation

Empowerment and Guidance: Whether seeking to improve relationships, finances, or career, our Initial Consultation offers clarity, direction, and empowerment. Together, we’ll explore goals, aspirations, and envision a positive future, laying the groundwork for meaningful growth.

Life Transitions and Emotional Healing: If navigating life transitions such as loss, grief, or a breakup, or carrying past trauma and PTSD, our consultation provides a safe space to heal emotional wounds and cultivate resilience. Our compassionate approach guides towards emotional well-being.

Cancer Journey Support: For those facing a cancer diagnosis, treatment, or survivorship, our Initial Consultation offers compassionate guidance and tailored strategies to navigate every stage of the journey. We understand the emotional toll of cancer and provide support to cope, heal, and thrive.

What to Expect

Deep Dive Exploration: Your consultation begins with an in-depth exploration of your needs, challenges, and goals. Through compassionate listening and thoughtful questioning, we aim to uncover insights that will guide our session and help us better support you.

Experiential Component: Experience a taste of our therapeutic approach as we explore techniques or exercises tailored to your situation. While it’s not a full therapy session, this experiential aspect allows you to gain a firsthand understanding of how our methods may benefit you.

Personalised Recommendations: Based on our discussion, we’ll develop a tailored path forward aligned with your needs, preferences, and budget, providing recommendations for continued support and growth.

How it works

Schedule Your Consultation: Book your Initial Consultation through our online booking system below or contact us directly at + (357) 96009389 to find a convenient time.

Prepare for Your Session: Reflect on your needs, challenges, and aspirations beforehand. Write down any questions or concerns and find a quiet, comfortable space to engage fully.

Experience Transformation: Start your journey of healing and empowerment with our Initial Consultation. We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Initial Consultation: €50