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Why Wellness State Exists

At Wellness State, we are dedicated to supporting and empowering individuals to navigate life’s transitions, overcome the challenges of cancer, heal from emotional trauma, and catalyse positive transformation.

Our journey began with a personal story of struggle and success, shaping the very core of what we do.

Founder's Journey

Hi there, I am Christina Lefkati, the founder of Wellness State. 

My own journey through adversity, including years of depression, anxiety, and navigating health challenges, led me to seek transformative solutions.

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Alignment with Mission

Driven by my personal experiences, I founded Wellness State with a deep commitment to uplifting individuals and guiding them towards their inner strength and potential. I am here because you deserve unwavering support through every step of your journey.

My mission is to empower you and help you unearth your inner wisdom and strength. Together, we navigate the complexities of life, explore and integrate emotions, provide clarity for your decisions, and gradually enhance the quality of your life, day by day.

Our Approach

We offer coaching, mind-body practices, and integrative therapies, leveraging both professional expertise and personal experience, recognising the need for individualised solutions. Our incorporated elements include:

Holistic Wellness: Integrating physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions to foster comprehensive well-being.

Collaborative Partnership: Empowering you through a supportive partnership to navigate life’s challenges and catalyse lasting transformation.

Real-Life Experience: Drawing from firsthand triumphs over adversity to provide effective and transformative support.

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Connecting Values

At Wellness State, compassion, support, and authenticity are not just words; they’re the cornerstones of our practice.

We uphold the value of compassion by providing empathetic support and understanding to our clients during their journey.

Support is at the core of our approach, as we strive to be a consistent source of encouragement and guidance for our clients, offering personalised care tailored to their unique needs.

Authenticity is fundamental to our practice, as we believe in being genuine and transparent in our interactions with clients, fostering trust and rapport.

Credentials & Expertise

As a dedicated practitioner, I’ve refined my skills through rigorous training and practical experience in integrative and holistic approaches. Backed by a wide range of qualifications, I’m deeply committed to facilitating holistic wellness for others.

Specialisations & Professional Accreditation

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping is an evidence-based holistic healing modality that combines elements of traditional Chinese medicine with modern psychology. Through gentle tapping on specific points of the body, EFT aims to alleviate emotional distress, reduce negative thoughts, and restore physiological equilibrium. This technique is supported by scientific research and is believed to help release trapped emotions, alleviate stress, and promote emotional well-being. EFT is often used to address various issues such as anxiety, phobias, trauma, and chronic pain by targeting the body’s meridian points.

Matrix Reimprinting is a cutting-edge therapeutic technique rooted in neuroscience and energy psychology. It builds upon traditional EFT tapping by delving into past memories and subconscious beliefs to create positive transformations. By revisiting past traumas and reshaping them within a safe “matrix” or mental landscape, individuals can release emotional blockages, reframe limiting beliefs, and cultivate profound healing. This evidence-based approach harnesses the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewrite the narrative of past experiences, leading to greater emotional resilience, inner peace, and personal growth. Matrix Reimprinting is widely used to address a range of issues, including trauma, relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues.

Health & Wellness Coaching is a holistic and evidence-based approach to achieving optimal well-being. Drawing from a program accredited by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), this coaching modality empowers individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Through personalized guidance and support, clients clarify their health goals, identify barriers, and develop practical strategies for success. By addressing all dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, coaching fosters lasting transformation and a balanced, fulfilling life. Whether it’s managing stress, improving nutrition, or enhancing overall wellness, Health & Wellness Coaching provides the tools and accountability needed to thrive.

Breakthrough Coaching is a dynamic approach focused on catalyzing personal transformation. Through targeted interventions and insightful guidance, individuals break free from limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns, unlocking their true potential. This coaching modality empowers clients to navigate challenges, achieve their goals, and cultivate lasting change in various aspects of their lives.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, and Timeline Technology form a powerful trio of modalities designed to facilitate personal growth and transformation. NLP focuses on the connection between neurological processes and behavioral patterns, enabling individuals to reprogram their minds for positive change. Hypnosis utilizes altered states of consciousness to access the subconscious mind, allowing for deep exploration and positive suggestion. Timeline Technology offers a method for revisiting past experiences and reshaping future outcomes, effectively removing barriers to progress. Together, these evidence-based techniques empower individuals to overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and live fulfilling lives.

Comprehensive Training & Education

In addition to certifications, my educational background includes a BSc in Nutrition, training in Lifestyle Medicine, understanding in Energy Medicine, expertise in Nutritional and Herbal Supplements, and ongoing spiritual development. With this foundation, I’m prepared to guide you towards healing and personal transformation.

What People Say

Client Testimonials

“During a difficult life transition, a friend introduced me to EFT with Christina. It's been transformative—I'm now happier and more confident, replacing negativity with positivity. I've learned to manage triggers and prioritize self-care and love. Christina's expertise in trauma healing and positivity is exceptional.”
Memnia Katsoura
Charted Accountant
"My sessions with Christina offered me new perspectives and insights, leaving me thankful for her guidance. Her supportive and accepting approach boosted my confidence, making me feel safe to open up without fear of rejection or judgment. I highly recommend Christina's approach, especially for those uncertain about its benefits."
Julia Czubaj
Marketing Specialist
“I was truly impressed by my personalized EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting sessions with Christina— they where really spot on! Christina's remarkable intuition and accommodating nature guided me effortlessly to the core issues. I'm incredibly grateful as she skillfully addressed my inner child traumas, bringing immense relief and ease. A heartfelt thank you to Christina for her invaluable support.”
Dwi Santini
Spa Director
Bali, Indonesia
"Christina's mastery of EFT is evident in her ability to connect with the inner child. She's exceptionally gentle, insightful, and always wears a smile, creating a supportive and caring environment. With her ethical approach and integrity, she guided me in reframing stories about my mum, bringing relief from sadness. If you're considering EFT, dive in with Christina—its effectiveness is undeniable, without the need for years of therapy!"
Dominique Gozdawa
United Kingdom
"Starting wellness coaching with Christina, I aimed to tackle weight loss and manage stress and anxiety, struggles I'd faced for years. Instead of traditional dieting, her approach focused on changing habits, leading to sustained weight loss and emotional relief. Through her guidance, I gained confidence, self-love, and began prioritizing my needs. Christina's approach delivers remarkable results for long-standing challenges."
Stavroulla Georgiou
"Christina's serene presence and warmth were incredibly soothing—I found myself feeling uplifted just from our conversations. Her generous dedication of time and accommodating nature made me feel truly valued, while her innate talent for uplifting spirits left me feeling refreshed after each session. What truly stood out was the new perspective I gained on an old rule, thanks to her guidance. I'm immensely grateful to Dr. Rangana for introducing me to Christina."
Nafisa Biviji